The Glory of God

2 Sam 6:4-8

I heard a podcast recently about the mistake of holding up the glory of God with our human strength. When the oxen stumbled carrying the ark of the covenant a man tried to prop it up and instantly died. God was angry because this man had not been cleansed and was interfering with the glory of God by reacting without direction.

This led me to ponder a question. Have we as the church caused spiritual death by trying to prop up the glory of God through our human strength? The Spiritual church has become so dry and complacent. Luke warm and half in has become commonplace. So many churches are about entertainment. We are on rigid time schedules. There are mega-churches that make the leader their king rather than Jesus.

Leadership in the body of Christ is about directing people to Jesus. We usher in the glory of God through an overflow of the spirit in our personal lives. Jonathan Hessler says that we are the opening act. Jesus is the star of the show. If we are fervently seeking God in our personal lives then the glory of God can be ushered into services by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We easily miss that leading if we are not consistently connecting with the Holy Spirit on a personal level.

We have to turn our homes into places of worship. We have to disconnect from everything distracting us and seek God daily at all costs, with no excuses. When we carve out time for Him and refuse to allow that time to be interfered with we start to see a shift. Peter walked past people and they were healed by his shadow. We have that same power within us. We only need to reignite our passion for God.

We are in such dark and desperate times. God is calling his remnant to rise up! God is calling his people to usher his presence into this fallen world. From the overflow of his amazing presence in our lives, the world around us is able to taste and see that the Lord is good. We can revive these dry bones! Ezekiel 37:1-14

I am a writer and an ordained minister. I grew in very toxic environments. After prolonged intensive abuse I now have C-PTSD. I have overcome so many obstacles and been able to heal and grow by facing my past and processing it in a healthy way. I am still a work in progress but I have come farther than I ever thought would be possible.

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