O Little Town of Bethlehem

Matthew 2:10
When they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with joy.

I believe there are a few reasons there was such great rejoicing overseeing that star leading to Jesus. When Jesus was born God had been silent for 400 years. The earth was in spiritual darkness from God pulling back his spirit due to sin. That star pointed to our savior. That was a sign to those waiting for God that he was once again among his people.

That star was a sign that redemption was at hand and that God had not given up on us completely. God’s plan, his promise was unfolding. Bringing a promise of hope in a chaotic time.

2000 years later we are once again overwhelmed with darkness waiting on God’s hand to move. Waiting on his promises to be fulfilled. We too can rejoice with exceeding joy knowing that we have a savior. Knowing that God has not abandoned us, no matter what the circumstances look like physically. Jesus is our star. We have a chance to allow him to shine brightly in us during these fearful times.

As we draw close to God, he draws near to us. We show the world, the bright and shining star Emmanuel, by becoming so filled with the love of God that it pours out to his people.

I am a writer and an ordained minister. I grew in very toxic environments. After prolonged intensive abuse I now have C-PTSD. I have overcome so many obstacles and been able to heal and grow by facing my past and processing it in a healthy way. I am still a work in progress but I have come farther than I ever thought would be possible.

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